Friday, February 29, 2008

Marry Me?

Today has not been a fun day. Not only have i wasted it, doing unproductive things but my Mum is ill so I've been looking after her, I like to look after her but its been very quiet. Sitting by myself watching Project Runway is a little dull. Just watching a thing on channel 4 about David Walliams and Matt Lucas. Its been quite good. I loved Little Britain when it first came out, and its interesting to hear their comments about 'selling out'. It really annoys me how when a British show is successful everyone moans about it. Waiting for Law of the Playground to come on.

Oooh, its the 29th - any brave girls proposed to their boyfriends? Anyway, in about a week's time i have a party - its a combined birthday of a friend/her parents anniversary thing and i am deciding whenever i need to buy something new or wear one of these dresses. I have a couple of photos, and i would LOVE comments on what you think! Again, thank-you for all the comments.

Its my 60's style pinafore dress with bow in the back, my floral wrap dress and gold shift dress.

Mmmm. Maybe i will get something new.


Rick said...

Most definately the second one. Wear it and save your money.

Niyara - Asian Rocxs said...

i like the floral-ness of the first oooone!

Anonymous said...

The first one, definitely! :D

LML said...

i love your dresses!!! esp the gold one :D

the iron chic said...

Is it a thing in England to propose to your boyfriend on leap day?
Check this out: