Thursday, October 23, 2008

What is this feeling?

I have had a busy week this week, a refreshing change from my usual existence of relentless foruming with the background of Russell Brand podcasts, manic bedroom-dancing to Jack Penate or sitting on countless forms of public transport where I wonder all of life's big issues (Why is Brendan Cole so incredibly unattractive? Do Oreo's taste good? Will anyone replace Bill Bailey on Buzzcocks?)

So I've actually ventured, blinking and rubbing my eyes in comic disbelief, into social situations. I expected a float, a parade to celebrate and appreciate this, but this did not happen. The downside to this is that I am completely tired, and today I've lounged on my bed, sniffing Vapo-rub like a junkie and re-read a favourite fic which had me all dreamy-eyed and sentimental.

Well, more than usual.

On Monday I went to my lecture, slowly sank into my desk as Ms Renaissance went on-and-on-and-on about The Faerie Queene. My phone rang near the end and due to my gorgeous pal having a spare ticket this led to a madcap dash to the station to see THE MIGHTY BOOSH LIVE. I still can't think about it properly, I end up murmuring about curls and dressing gowns. It was beyond amazing.

Tuesday was my forum meet-up Tea. We were controlled, ladylike and respectful. Alternatively, we could be seen as being loud, sweary and squealy.

Aussie money. Isn't it pretty? Some floozie tart on the back of one note.

I got gifts from my wonderful pals. Sweet treats from Vienna and the cutest hot water bottle from my Sweetlove pal.

Look at the effort. 2 points.

This creation was made during the tea. Mr Pain Raisin (pronounced payne-reaison)

Wednesday was Wicked! A musical I had been longing to see for years.

Beautiful set.
Very scary dragon that moved. Due to our amazing front-row seats, I was terrified it would fall upon my head. I spent the first 10 minutes of the show imagining the headlines,

'Young girl dies, by dragon defying gravity'

Good one huh?

The map of Oz. Which is indeed, pretty as a picture.

Tomorrow is the BIG forum meet-up. Lock up your sons....well please just stay inside citizens.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Honesty, Parklife and Gloop

I am sitting, cross-legged in bed as usual. Swaying to Journey's 'Don't stop believin'. Now its the guitar solo and my foot is tapping outside the cover. Outside its beautiful, blue skies and birds tweeting. This week has gone really fast. Monday's lecture, Renaissance dragged a bit and because of the constant mention of Race I ended up humming Black or White throughout, imploring people sitting near me to join in with the chorus, 'if you wanna be my baby, it don't matter if your black or white, nanananan nananananan hey!'

Wednesday's class, 20th century literature, I have no idea what the lecture was about because I was reading the set-text, which horrified me. In the seminar I sat as everyone else chatted-on, casually throwing in a 'why?' or a comment on the lecturer's resemblance to Mr Parklife. Yesterday I went to the cinema, and saw House Bunny. I know, I know. It was cute, predictable but slightly weird in places. Some jokes were also a bit over the rating. In the cinema, we were the only ones for the previews and we delighted in being Kings, until selfish people came in and we had to stop shouting about the trailers, put our feet down and stop taking photos of us throwing our arms in the arm, semi-ironically.

Amazingly, gorgeous Caroline from Second Hand Shopper awarded me a 'Honest Blogger' award. I am going to cling onto this, until she realises the error.

My life is so stupidly geeky, I can only wish I was dishonest about it. Part of the award is having to post 10 honest things about myself.

Okay, here it goes:

1. I have an actual addiction to the Internet. When I wake I immediately roll over and find my laptop. If my connection goes, I get annoyed and keep clicking on and off. On holidays I mourn it, read relentlessly and spend a great deal of time in overpriced Internet rooms.

2. I drink everything through a straw. I also sometimes imagine the straw is the pipe in Charlie and the Chocolate factory, where Augustus Gloop gets taken.

3. I am really thrifty, not cheap or mean, but money-conscious. I even deliberate over buying magazines, sweets. I feel guilty spending any money.

4. I feel embarrassed telling people I took GCSE Dance as an option.

5. I have panic disorder.

6. The Byron poem, Stanzas for Augusta, always makes me cry. I never cry over poetry, but its just impossibly beautiful. This line in particular always gets me,

'It hath taught me that which I most cherish'd

Deserved to be dearest of all.'

7. I adore little happy moments. The moments when everything is good and wonderful. Sometimes its an amazing song, someone says something, my essay gets a good mark, sun is shining, no line for the bus...a new dress.

8. A Level result day was possibly the best day of my life. I remember it so clearly and when my best friend called me as I was leaving for school, and said Cambridge said they would take her, I sobbed for her and when I arrived and got my own results, sobbed again. Unfortunately, an AWFUL photo marks this occasion. I look deranged, with a bad haircut, a weird face and an Aqua jumper on.

9. I have a horrible quality, where I recommend things to people, shows, music and then dislike it if they go on about it, as if they like it more than me. Its really petty and childish.

10. The whole reason I've wanted to be a teacher since I was 5, is not because I like power, the art of learning, wanting to be in control - is because I adored Matilda as a child and wanted to be Miss Honey. The perfect teacher.

Now I feel vulnerable. Someone hold me?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Spot the Difference

One is annoying and unfunny.
One is annoying and smug.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

V&A, LDN and Me

Watching the hilarious and sweet Beautiful People on TV. I am still tired from yesterday. Yesterday, after my class finished at 1pm I decided to go and see the Fashion .V. Sport exhibition at the V&A. First I wandered round Oxford Street, it was beautiful and sunny; although completely packed, even on a Wednesday afternoon.

These photos are in a bizarre order:

I am going back to being a redhead. Hopefully I will be more Mary-Jane than Ronald. I like being a redhead before.

In Fashion .v. Sport exhibition (I got a couple of sneaky, illegal shots) I LOATHED these.

Cute, vintage BIBA shoes.

Christian Lacriox
V&A courtyard.

Gorgeous crystal chandelier in lobby.

From exhibition, Stella McCartney.

Gorgeous vintage dress.

Ossie Clark.

From The Supremes exhibition. STOP! in the name of Love.

Even more gorgeousness.

Oxford Street.
Gorgeous Chloe dress.

Tracey Emin.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We meet again Mr Bond

I really, really should be asleep, I have a 7am start tomorrow but I'm watching a Will&Grace re-run and pm-ing the sprinkle to my cupcake. I haven't read the book for tomorrow, it was out of print everywhere and the library had no copies, or orders for copies from the lecturer. This will hopefully mean a group moan tomorrow where we all go 'Couldn't get it' and he then gives us 2o different ways to have gotten it, and tells us we are doomed to educational failure.

On Monday my Renaissance class was moved to a new room. It was completely gorgeous, the University's Council Chamber with a big doomed ceiling, white and wood everywhere, big comfy swivelly seats and framed portraits of Vice-Chancellors. It was very impressive and I amused myself by pretending to be a Bond villain instead of discussing Faustus during my seminar.

I am not bored of my camera yet:

I watched a movie (corny)

Inadvertently played textbook Jenga.

Did some important research for my lecture.

Moaned about my throat

Realised my neat, tidy bedside draw is in fact a Sweetie Drawer.

Today I organised some DVDS

And sock draw
Admired the changeable weather

Checked my diary

Continued to fight my cold.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gorgeous New Buys

It's Autumn and I am thrilled. Our lack of a summer had me giddy with joy, I can't stand being hot. Today I looked at brand-new items to online shopping websites. These items are all available from either ASOS or Topshop.comSneakers, £40 from
Bag, £22,
Bow sweater, £22,
Wool sweater, £25.
Collar mini-dress, £50,
Aqua mini-dress, £50,

Frill jumper, £65, ASOS
Lace prom dress, £40, ASOS

Lace frill green dress, £40, ASOS
Pink patent lace-ups, £20, ASOS

Cat-print mini-dress, £75, ASOS

Cream collar mini-dress, £95, ASOS.

Blue bow pleated shoes, £25, ASOS.

Blue printed tea-dress, £28, ASOS

Blue bow structure dress, £57, ASOS