Thursday, October 2, 2008

Small Town Girl

It's so nice not to have to go into Uni. Yesterday I had to get my usual 4 buses and I waited the max 20 mins for every single one. Then on my way in, I got stuck in traffic for 50minutes. I had my IPod and Russell and Matt kept me company, but it was still irritating. I got a new student card, but with my original First year photo; which is AWFUL. I am reluctant to hand it over to Library staff for fear of their look of mocking pity.

This morning I watched Will & Grace re-runs and sniffed and sneezed repeatedly. I think EVERYONE has the cold/flu so I won't go on moaning about it. Then earlier this afternoon I got bundled up and went to the library. I took some photos:

Pretty red leaves by my house


The pond, Anzac memorial with Autumn leaves

Ducks, who got upset and potentially violent when they realised I had no snacks for them.

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