Friday, January 30, 2009

Playing Guyball

I am now half-way through season two of Green Wing. I have watched over 10 hours of Green Wing this week, yet I have not done any prep work/essays/reading list work in 4 days.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This week so far:

. I had my two classes; Austen & Victorian Culture.

. I have felt incredibly tired. Last week was too much for me I think.

. I tried on a thousand different dresses for a big party on Saturday, none were cute.

. Swooned over expensive Vintage clothes

. Have been taking non-stop vitamins to stop the plague hitting me, like its hit everyone else

. Started up with twitter - I'm LDNLMusic - Add me!

. I have chased the post, waiting for my big Renaissance essay back.

. Made my friend famous through my writings; she is heading for her own chat show apparently.

. Took a thousand photos, and died inside at the horror of photos taken of me. Is anyone else incredibly unphotogenic?

. Squealed over new Project Runway.

. Felt like my life has shifted again.

Last Week I....

1. Spent more time in Camden then at Uni. Academic FAIL.

2. Didn't get into my teaching course. Yeah. I'm still heartbroken. Everyone else is over it, and bored of me, but i'm still sad.

3. Felt insecure over my work.

4. Consumed my (sizeable) weight in pasta

5. Liked both of my lectures

6. Failed to do my prep work properly.

7. Fell in love with the Pipettes.

8. Tried to open up a bit.

9. Said what I thought

10. Cried.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spring/Summer 09


The season’s most important retro reference is romantic and chic. It’s all about dresses and wide skirts, with the focus on the waistline, feminine blouses, tailored jackets and blazers, shirts and obvious classics such as chinos, denim and T-shirts.

Timeless tailoring
Tailoring is simple and often androgynous with uniform-inspired cuts and details à la 1970s elegant Parisian “Le Safari”. Styles are minimalist as well as over or under dimensioned and draping. But it’s mainly blends of materials with new finishes, and technical and organic materials that update tailoring this spring.

Art and architecture
Architectural forms and proportions continue to inspire, as does an experimentally futuristic and sometimes eccentric attitude. This reappears in references from the art world with everything from the fashion style of famous artists (with August Strindberg and David Hockney being diverse examples of style icons in art) to colourful motifs and patterns inspired by historic and contemporary art and architecture.

Narrow, yet relaxed, experimental with new shapes and proportions, voluminous or curvy with the focus on the waist.

White and shades of white. Warm tones of beige. Coral. Saturated, watercolour transparent, or pastel pale shades of blue, green, pink and yellow. Neons.

Patterns and prints
Flowers, spots, checks, stripes, botanical designs, art-inspired patterns and prints, animal patterns and graphic prints.

Material mixes of natural materials or with synthetic and organic materials, lace, transparent or textured fabrics, shiny fabrics such as silk and polyester, sun-bleached and “worn” fabrics, jersey, classic cottons, linen, thin denim and chambray.

Pleats, gathers, pin-tucks and yokes, rolled-up trouser legs and sleeves, three-quarter length, collarless, Nehru collars, shawl collars, ballerina necklines, uniform details.

-from h&

Monday, January 5, 2009


I hope you had a lovely New Years?

I trekked round Topshop, Oxford Circus yesterday. Is it just me, or is there NOTHING good in the sales? I feel like I've looked at -and tried on - every single piece of clothing and it all looks awful on me. I tried on about 6 different dresses yesterday and they all looked awful. I slouched round to EAT to meet my pals despondent and frantically trying to flatten my stomach with my hands.

I should be doing work, but i've felt no inspiration lately. I feel like i'm waiting for something to happen in my life, but I don't know what.

Ned's declassified is on Nick, I used to love this show, even though I was too old for it back then. American Middle School looks very fun. Not the hideous Lizzie McGuire version, where everyone is all 'like' and mini-skirts, but this one with proper geeks and normal-sized pre-teens.