Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Last Week I....

1. Spent more time in Camden then at Uni. Academic FAIL.

2. Didn't get into my teaching course. Yeah. I'm still heartbroken. Everyone else is over it, and bored of me, but i'm still sad.

3. Felt insecure over my work.

4. Consumed my (sizeable) weight in pasta

5. Liked both of my lectures

6. Failed to do my prep work properly.

7. Fell in love with the Pipettes.

8. Tried to open up a bit.

9. Said what I thought

10. Cried.


Deena said...

Hope your weeks have improved since this post. Sending oodles of blog lovin' your way. *friendly wholesome love, not girl on girl type love :-) *

Martyna said...

omg, i found ue blog accidentaly and whoah, im pretty similar to u^^ well i love pipettes;d and gossip girl is kinda my actual fascination. and i ador Keira Knightley! and i love fashion