Friday, February 29, 2008

Marry Me?

Today has not been a fun day. Not only have i wasted it, doing unproductive things but my Mum is ill so I've been looking after her, I like to look after her but its been very quiet. Sitting by myself watching Project Runway is a little dull. Just watching a thing on channel 4 about David Walliams and Matt Lucas. Its been quite good. I loved Little Britain when it first came out, and its interesting to hear their comments about 'selling out'. It really annoys me how when a British show is successful everyone moans about it. Waiting for Law of the Playground to come on.

Oooh, its the 29th - any brave girls proposed to their boyfriends? Anyway, in about a week's time i have a party - its a combined birthday of a friend/her parents anniversary thing and i am deciding whenever i need to buy something new or wear one of these dresses. I have a couple of photos, and i would LOVE comments on what you think! Again, thank-you for all the comments.

Its my 60's style pinafore dress with bow in the back, my floral wrap dress and gold shift dress.

Mmmm. Maybe i will get something new.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dear Rachel Bilson

What the fug have you done?!


Lord. No. No. No.

Girl, Interupted.

This post may end up being garbled lines...more than ever....because my head is slowly falling onto the keys. I didn't go to sleep until 12ish and I woke up 5 times in the night feeling sick. I finally managed to drop off properly at like 5:40am. My Dad woke me up for Uni at 7am, and I told him I was not going to my 9am class. I sort of went back to sleep then guilt woke me up at 7:26am where I decided to suck it up and go to my womens studies class. I had 10 minutes to get ready. I cannot believe I made it to the bus stop in time. Today's lecture was on the cheery topic of Women and Madness, but we got to watch a bit of Girl, Interupted which i have never actually seen. Even in my sleep-deprieved state i noticed how cute Winona Ryder looked:

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Girls in White Sashes....


I am writing this sitting smartly at my desk. I usually am sprawled on my bed, with my huge amount of pillows making me all comfy. But today, under the threat of the latest ANTM being deleted from SkyPlus, i tidied my room. Sort of. I tend to just shove everything somewhere else. Anyway, my desk is tidy, my room is all cosy and John Mayer is sadly telling me 'we're never going to win the world'. Have faith John Mayer.

Anyway. Today was my Modernism class, and this week was Lady Chatterley's Lover, a book which until this week i knew very little about. I remember there being a fuss over the tv series, with Joely Richardson and Sean Bean. I have never found him hot, but i remember seeing Macbeth in my GCSE's years and my friend renting the little red binoculars to get a closer look when he took his shirt off. The novel is much better than i thought, its interesting and Lawrence's style is really interesting, its detailed but not 'annoyingly' so.

All i have been buying lately is hairbands so i have no cute photos of new clothes to show, so i will post some of my favourite things! I'm missing out the obvious things, and focusing on the little things by the way; in case you think i'm callous for missing out 'friends 'n' family'!

This is a great drawing from DeviantArt, displaying my love for the not-so-cult TV Show The Mighty Boosh. Student favourite, much-quoted, its amazing. I only have to hear the word 'Baileys' and i laugh.
This super-cute, funny photo, again from Deviant Art symbolises my enduring love for Beauty and the Beast. Although i adore Alice in Wonderland i also loved this, especially with Belle having dark hair and her love for books. I remember adoring her the minute she wanted the book she had read before, as i read books over and over myself. The music is great, its funny, sad - its a fabulous movie.

This gorgeous creature is Maxxie from the teen show Skins. Maxxie is as talented as he is lovely, he does an amazing dance routine in episode one.

Sweets! My sweet tooth is legendary. I am NEVER without sweets, most photos of myself show me with sweets my hands and i could never give them up. Ever. They are my alternative to taking up smoking/drinking. This is why my dentist hates me.

Frasier, much like Friends is one of my 'comfort' shows. Its intelligent, hilarious and very sweet. I love watching it, and i have seen my box sets hundreds of times.

I couldn't do a post on my favourite things without mentioning Rufus Wainwright, even though he's an obvious choice for me. I absolutely adore him, and his music. I am OBSESSED with listening to his songs and i am driving my family mad at the moment. For you own sake, check him out. You will not regret it. His forum is also wonderful, with friendly discussion. That would also be one of my favourite things!

Monday, February 25, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Oscar Gown Time!

There was a lot of purple, black, red and white on the red carpet, in either a strapless or one-shoulder design. All morning I've been looking at the dresses, and deciding who is the best, and who is the worst.

Here are the best:
Jennifer Garner: I like the structure and simplicity of this gown, and i even like the gathering at the bottom. Not sure about the hair, but i like the gown very much .Anne Hathaway: This is a beautiful dress, and the colour complements her skin tone perfectly. I love the Grecian one-shoulder, the sweep of fabric and her simple hair.
Jessica Alba: Perfect. Jessica concealed her baby bump, chose this gorgeous dark purple colour, gorgeous feather detail at the top and even managed to make the Heidi-style hair plait work on her up-do.Ellen Page: I love how Ellen rocked a cool androgynous look the other night, yet chose this pretty, simple black dress. I even like the 1920's style necklace and her hair and make-up was gorgeous.
Heidi Klum: I love this gown, and even though she wore a popular colour she chose a dramatic shape and i LOVE the high colour. I like everything about this dress, the train is lovely, the colour is right.
Katherine Heigl: Can you say Marilyn!? Wow. Why the hell do people think Lindsay Lohan looks like Marilyn Monroe, look at Katherine! Love, Love, Love. Effortlessly glamorous.Renee Zellweger: Isn't this so pretty? It fits her perfectly, i love the silvery colour, the gathering throughout. I even don't mind her hair.Penelope Cruz: I love this, i love the gathering, the feathers, its complicated but it really works on her. Her hair and make-up looks gorgeous too.

And the Worst...

Cameron Diaz: I usually love Cameron's gowns, but i don't like this pale pink colour on her skintone. The gathering seems a bit off as well. I don't hate it, but this is a disappointment.
Nicole Kidman: Its not that i hate this dress, its just so dull. I don't like the weird crystal necklace thing.
Nancy O'Dell: I don't even know who this woman is, but Lord! Its like a tacky pageant dress instead of an Oscar gown. I dislike the low-cut, stretchy lace bit at the front, i hate the split, it doesn't fit her right. No. No. No.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Do yourself a favour

Check out Post Secret. This Sunday morning.

It's the best website, and i'm sure y'all know of it. I long for sundays so i can read other people's secrets and think about the time when i will be brave enough to send in my own.

Also: What the hell do you wear to a Sunday afternoon performance of Shakespeare? I have no idea what to wear? My red patterned dress with my red cardigan? Brown slouchy trousers and a black cardigan? Floral top with jeans? I have NO idea!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

And if I laugh at any mortal thing, 'Tis that I may not weep.

I was supposed to be writing notes and questions for my Shakespeare production tomorrow, but instead I've been watching stand-up comedy all day and watching lame movies like Swiss Family Robinson (I know, i know) and Sabrina the Teenage Witch movie is just starting. God knows i will end up watching this too, even though I've seen it about 12 times. It doesn't even have the right cast.

So join me! Slack off!

Alan Carr Live, Tooth Fairy

Ed Byrne Live, Pedantic and Whimsical
Michael Mcintyre Live at the Apollo
Jason Manford, Live at the Apollo
Lee Mack, Live at the Apollo

Oooh, and thank-you so much for all the comments, i try to reply! x

Friday, February 22, 2008

Mark Ronson

He's amazingly talented and fabulously dressed - also beyond gorgeous. Mark (can i call you Mark? Great!) has produced some of last year's most successful albums, like Lily Allen's Alright Still and Amy Winehouse's Back to Black, and he won a Brit award this week for his own album Version. Apparently he will be producing the album for The Mighty Boosh which thrills my little fangirl heart. This is more than a crush:

Oh My God (Lily Allen)
Valerie (Amy Winehouse)
Stop Me (Daniel Merriweather)
Brits Medley

I don't want to own you, i want to love you

I am in tootsie-heaven; my feet are lovingly encased in comfy, fleecy socks. I have just brought them, and I am very happy with my purchase. I also got a new purse, black with stars, a lilac eyeshadow and some sour laces. I am a happy gal. This weekend I am seeing Merchant of Venice in Greenwich and I am trying to think up something cute to wear.

Yesterday I wasn't so happy, I was incredibly tired. Luckily, I knew exactly what I wanted: Diet Coke, my blanket, the window open so I could hear the rain and Breakfast at Tiffany's. I know it’s over-rated but I really love it, I even read the book first. I am a sucker for a romance; I even quote along with the words (see title). I am moving onto Sabrina and Funny Face later. I ordered Rufus' album Poses, because even though I have all the songs I wanted the cd too, I am obsessed.

I am going to adorn this post with some gorgeous photos from the movie:

Oooh, and a confession. I may be not in favour of Beauty Pageants but this American contestant has stolen my idea for my 'Talent'. I had dreamed of somehow doing this since i was 6 years old:

Yes! She is Truly Scrumptious masquerading as the doll in the movie Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang. Unfair.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Will be updating soon, promise!

Until then - what do you think of painting each individual fingernail a different colour?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You should all be very jealous of me

The sun has just gone down, so its all bluey-grey outside and beautiful, i have no classes tomorrow and I am eating jelly babies. Are you jealous?

My Modernism class was good, i really like it. Who would dislike a class where metronomes are explained by the means of Rihanna, 'It’s like the bit, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh' and where he describes 'beyond sense' as 'beyonce, who is also beyond all sense'? Besides, it’s challenging which is much better than some of my other topics where its all a bit dull. I had a guy on my bus home talking really loudly in a weird voice about a holiday he's been invited on, and how 1000 is too much money, 'What about 950 mate, deal or no deal *manic laughter*'.

I managed to defeat my tower o'laundry, although this is only 1/4 of my wardrobe. I still had a lot of trouble finding somewhere to wear this morning. I should get one of those corny, slightly-chav-like t-shirts saying 'nothing to wear'.

Oooh, and can I introduce you to my new Imaginary Boyfriend?: Mr Coats and Jackets.

*sighs* Oh-so pretty.

Told you would be jealous!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Pretty Macbeth


Listening to the gorgeous John Mayer, a little tired. My Shakespeare class today was interesting; it was Macbeth this week. Who knew Ian McKellen was quite attractive when he was young!?

And the other version we saw had a very pretty Macbeth:

Perhaps a little too pretty?

Today the weather was gorgeous, if a little cold. I wore my new sneakers, jeans, a blue and white striped long-sleeved shirt, with my white lace top over it. I managed to write some more songs over the weekend, I like getting them out of my head. God knows they are probably awful but it makes me happy. One thing I have realised since being at Uni is what makes me happy. I realised that I am a low-key kind of person, and maybe that’s not just because of my anxiety and low self-confidence. I used to feel bad about not being a 'Skins' teenager but I am learning that there is no point; I don't want to be that way. I will always be the girl in the library, daydreaming out of the window with her IPod on, I will never be the girl sitting on the table on her phone, telling her mates about how wasted she got. I am quiet around people I don't know so well, and when I am friendly it’s genuine. I try to talk to more people, and I’m not the shyest person in the room anymore which is good for me, since I am always thinking about everything. I am a little more relaxed about the little things, but still freaked out about the 'bigger' issues in my life. But that’s okay.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Movies of Myself

Hey. I am horribly melancholic. Rufus Wainwright finished his tour on Valentines Day in New York, and the forum is full of wonderful reviews, photos and meet-ups. I would have sold my soul to have gone.


I will try to be positive. My coursework is done for a couple of weeks, the sun is shining, mum and dad are out tonight so i can watch Project Runway, Family Guy is on my tv, and delicious haribo next to me. I still wish i could see him live though. One day maybe i will.

Cute Ebay finds:

Plaid Shirt
Blue, Polka Dot Dress
50's swing dress
Retro dress
Nautical smock top
Sailor tights
Pinafore dress
80's sailor jacket
Sailor dress
White lace hairband
50's cardigan

Friday, February 15, 2008


I've been really anxious all this week, so i'm so happy for it to be the weekend. I can do whatever I want without feeling guilty!

I used my babysitting money from last night to buy stuff i've wanted for agggeeeessss:

I purchased two gorgeous brooches to stick on my coat. Partly influenced from a Vogue photo i saw the other day, and half from Rufus.

I've needed new sneakers for ages, my lilac ones are completely wrecked. The plaid-like design
has little red figures dancing when you look up-close. My Mama kindly got these for me. I am wearing them-in right now.

I needed a new notebook, i'm near the end of my current favourite one, and I only started it in September; still need to buy another one, for my song lyric stuff. The little blur is a cute little fabric doll i got, to stick to my pinboard.

Legwarmers. Not for some 80's kick but for underneath boots, they are really comfy and warm.

Hope your having a gorgeous Friday!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Conflict of Interest

I had a definite conflict of interest today in my Women’s Studies class. My lecturer was talking about the exploitation of women, and how the actresses at the Oscars are only judged on their clothes. Although I can understand the argument, I would be a total hypocrite to fully agree because I ADORE judging the fashion at award shows, Go Fug Yourself is the best site EVER and I even write a fashion-ey blog here. The lecturer flicked through a mini slideshow of dresses, talking about their provocative poses and I sat with my friend and dished out comments,

'Oooh..Nicole's gorgeous Balenciaga red bow dress, I loved that'...I posted Jennifer Hudson’s' dress on my blog last year, its so cute...yeah I write a sort of blog....God Kirsten Dunst aged 20 years in that it wrong that this has been the highlight of the course?'

I think I missed the point of the exercise because I love to look at the gorgeous gowns.? I avidly read feminist blogs like Jezebel and Dollymix and I usually agree with their interesting and often hilariously witty opinions. However, I don't think just because a woman is praised/panned for her choice of gown that she loses her acting kudos; she is getting her recognition at the ceremony. There would be the same attention given to men, if they wore something different to suits all the time. I think it’s a hard topic to comment on, but I will take solace in that I try to be a nice person, and moaning about Katie Holmes' choice of dress allows me to blow off some bitchy steam.

I'm still confused on the issue. What do you think?

Oooh, btw. Happy Valentines Day Y'all! I am not writing anymore on the topic because it’s horribly depressing but i hope you all have a good day. I LOVE you for reading this blog! How do you feel on this romantic-est of all days:

Like this?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tower O'Laundry


Last night due to copious amounts of Diet Coke I was up until 2am, reading fanfiction and old posts on Law of the Playground. This meant I woke up today at 12:15pm which is incredibly late for me. I woke up to chores, and this:

Yes. Its a virtual TOWER o'Laundry. It all needs to be ironed. I still have a wardrobe full of clothes on top of this. I LOVE how my Ikea laundry bin is totally buckled under the weight. Its realistic. I also like how you can see a quarter of my friends video collection, my pretty wallpaper and a teeny selection of my hundreds of books.

On the plus side, all my chores are done, my room is pretty clean, family guy is on my TV and the sunshine is gorgeous. However, I have my modernism coursework due on Friday and tommorow I have my womens studies class and babysitting. I know, on Valentines Day. Unspeakably depressing huh? My life is not like the movies.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mellow Yellow

Yay! One of the coursework’s due this week is in!
Last night I was frantically printing it off at 11pm, making myself not check it again before sticking it in its envelope. My Modernism class was pretty empty, with people missing class to get the essay in before the 1pm deadline.

I am sitting downstairs for once and the awful sight of Atomic Kitten has just appeared. Wow, another 'comeback' with a cover song. I think it was sung by Cilla Black originally, I remember someone singing it on the Maria show. I'm surprised they can move their faces with that much make-up on. They look like Girls Aloud's aunties. Oooh, its Duffy now. Thank God.

I found this top and I just had to post a photo. I may have no idea what my personal style is, I seem to be ever-changingly scruffy but this is EXACTLY what its NOT:

It’s an 8-way garment. This is only three of the ways it can be worn! I quite like yellow, but it looks so strange and cheap (but not, at $138) and the ruffles just look odd. It may be versatile, but I don't think it’s very pretty.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday: I'm in Love

Today has been a good day, although not academically. I need to go over my coursework, its due Tuesday and i really don't want to. I'm in a horrible mood actually, i have a headache and people on Dancing on Ice are annoying me. I need to sleep, i was watching Scary Movie till late last night. I walked all this morning, shopped in the afternoon - brought sunglasses and a blue and white striped long-sleeved top. I tried on a dress, that i liked, but it didn't like me. I have no idea what i am going to wear tommorow to my class, i try to make a little effort but my fellow-students tend to be very casual. God knows i probably look pretty casual myself. I always tend to look more scruffy than polished.

Oooh, i even sound grouchy re-reading this. Forgive me?

Gorgeous clothes: All from ASOS.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Dear Whoever Marks my Coursework, #2

Dear Mr/Ms Coursework-Marker,

I have two courseworks due in one week. I'm sure you are looking forward to reading my innovative thoughts on Mansfield's use of Modernism and Friedan's theory applied to French. Oh, you're not? Well, instead of working dilligently on it, i have been:

Writing song lyrics on bits of paper. I do this with all my lyric-ideas, i think of something then scrawl it done before i forget it. This little pile of about 8 are from this week, and i will be sticking them into my book before hopefully using them.
I have an addiction to checking my email. I honestly don't know what i did before the internet, let alone before December, when i got wireless. I don't mean this in a post-modern, smug way - i genuinely can't think of what i used to do. I certainly read and watch TV as much as i ever did. Maybe its work.
The new Glamour. Its calling to me 'Don't do the coursework, who cares about feminist issues when Lindsay is 'getting REAL'

My baby, my Ipod. Everytime i try to work a song will come on and i will be FORCED to get up and dance to it. Example - Rufus' California/John Mayer's Route 66/Carmen -Toreador Song. This is NOT my fault.
Because this is the view from my window - Pretty huh? It's a beautiful day and I really should be out HAVING a Garden Party instead of talking about Katherine Mansfield's.

So. Mr/Ms Coursework-Marker. You don't like me, i don't like you. Just give me an A on both and we will say no more about it.