Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tower O'Laundry


Last night due to copious amounts of Diet Coke I was up until 2am, reading fanfiction and old posts on Law of the Playground. This meant I woke up today at 12:15pm which is incredibly late for me. I woke up to chores, and this:

Yes. Its a virtual TOWER o'Laundry. It all needs to be ironed. I still have a wardrobe full of clothes on top of this. I LOVE how my Ikea laundry bin is totally buckled under the weight. Its realistic. I also like how you can see a quarter of my friends video collection, my pretty wallpaper and a teeny selection of my hundreds of books.

On the plus side, all my chores are done, my room is pretty clean, family guy is on my TV and the sunshine is gorgeous. However, I have my modernism coursework due on Friday and tommorow I have my womens studies class and babysitting. I know, on Valentines Day. Unspeakably depressing huh? My life is not like the movies.

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Miss Woo said...

Haha, love the Tower of Laudry. Actually, that reminds me to do mine.