Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Girls in White Sashes....


I am writing this sitting smartly at my desk. I usually am sprawled on my bed, with my huge amount of pillows making me all comfy. But today, under the threat of the latest ANTM being deleted from SkyPlus, i tidied my room. Sort of. I tend to just shove everything somewhere else. Anyway, my desk is tidy, my room is all cosy and John Mayer is sadly telling me 'we're never going to win the world'. Have faith John Mayer.

Anyway. Today was my Modernism class, and this week was Lady Chatterley's Lover, a book which until this week i knew very little about. I remember there being a fuss over the tv series, with Joely Richardson and Sean Bean. I have never found him hot, but i remember seeing Macbeth in my GCSE's years and my friend renting the little red binoculars to get a closer look when he took his shirt off. The novel is much better than i thought, its interesting and Lawrence's style is really interesting, its detailed but not 'annoyingly' so.

All i have been buying lately is hairbands so i have no cute photos of new clothes to show, so i will post some of my favourite things! I'm missing out the obvious things, and focusing on the little things by the way; in case you think i'm callous for missing out 'friends 'n' family'!

This is a great drawing from DeviantArt, displaying my love for the not-so-cult TV Show The Mighty Boosh. Student favourite, much-quoted, its amazing. I only have to hear the word 'Baileys' and i laugh.
This super-cute, funny photo, again from Deviant Art symbolises my enduring love for Beauty and the Beast. Although i adore Alice in Wonderland i also loved this, especially with Belle having dark hair and her love for books. I remember adoring her the minute she wanted the book she had read before, as i read books over and over myself. The music is great, its funny, sad - its a fabulous movie.

This gorgeous creature is Maxxie from the teen show Skins. Maxxie is as talented as he is lovely, he does an amazing dance routine in episode one.

Sweets! My sweet tooth is legendary. I am NEVER without sweets, most photos of myself show me with sweets my hands and i could never give them up. Ever. They are my alternative to taking up smoking/drinking. This is why my dentist hates me.

Frasier, much like Friends is one of my 'comfort' shows. Its intelligent, hilarious and very sweet. I love watching it, and i have seen my box sets hundreds of times.

I couldn't do a post on my favourite things without mentioning Rufus Wainwright, even though he's an obvious choice for me. I absolutely adore him, and his music. I am OBSESSED with listening to his songs and i am driving my family mad at the moment. For you own sake, check him out. You will not regret it. His forum is also wonderful, with friendly discussion. That would also be one of my favourite things!


lalaliu said...

i love skins!! maxxie is frickin gorgeous. I would turn gay for him! Haha, I'm so happy there's a thing called youtube because I can watch the show! whee!

Niyara - Asian Rocxs said...

isnt that D. H. Lawrence? In my modernism module im doing 'Sons and Lovers' of his... and iv heard loads about your novel! Im supposed to be writing up an essay for sons and lovers at the mo hehe.