Thursday, February 14, 2008

Conflict of Interest

I had a definite conflict of interest today in my Women’s Studies class. My lecturer was talking about the exploitation of women, and how the actresses at the Oscars are only judged on their clothes. Although I can understand the argument, I would be a total hypocrite to fully agree because I ADORE judging the fashion at award shows, Go Fug Yourself is the best site EVER and I even write a fashion-ey blog here. The lecturer flicked through a mini slideshow of dresses, talking about their provocative poses and I sat with my friend and dished out comments,

'Oooh..Nicole's gorgeous Balenciaga red bow dress, I loved that'...I posted Jennifer Hudson’s' dress on my blog last year, its so cute...yeah I write a sort of blog....God Kirsten Dunst aged 20 years in that it wrong that this has been the highlight of the course?'

I think I missed the point of the exercise because I love to look at the gorgeous gowns.? I avidly read feminist blogs like Jezebel and Dollymix and I usually agree with their interesting and often hilariously witty opinions. However, I don't think just because a woman is praised/panned for her choice of gown that she loses her acting kudos; she is getting her recognition at the ceremony. There would be the same attention given to men, if they wore something different to suits all the time. I think it’s a hard topic to comment on, but I will take solace in that I try to be a nice person, and moaning about Katie Holmes' choice of dress allows me to blow off some bitchy steam.

I'm still confused on the issue. What do you think?

Oooh, btw. Happy Valentines Day Y'all! I am not writing anymore on the topic because it’s horribly depressing but i hope you all have a good day. I LOVE you for reading this blog! How do you feel on this romantic-est of all days:

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