Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mellow Yellow

Yay! One of the coursework’s due this week is in!
Last night I was frantically printing it off at 11pm, making myself not check it again before sticking it in its envelope. My Modernism class was pretty empty, with people missing class to get the essay in before the 1pm deadline.

I am sitting downstairs for once and the awful sight of Atomic Kitten has just appeared. Wow, another 'comeback' with a cover song. I think it was sung by Cilla Black originally, I remember someone singing it on the Maria show. I'm surprised they can move their faces with that much make-up on. They look like Girls Aloud's aunties. Oooh, its Duffy now. Thank God.

I found this top and I just had to post a photo. I may have no idea what my personal style is, I seem to be ever-changingly scruffy but this is EXACTLY what its NOT:

It’s an 8-way garment. This is only three of the ways it can be worn! I quite like yellow, but it looks so strange and cheap (but not, at $138) and the ruffles just look odd. It may be versatile, but I don't think it’s very pretty.

from Maxstudio.com

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Anonymous said...

Sorry for another random comment, but your remark about Atomic Kitten made me laugh so hard.
And you're right, that garment thing is.... bizarre, to say the least.
I'm really enjoying reading your blog, actually; you seem like someone I can get along with (kudos for writing English, not chtspk). Maybe you could take a peek at my blog sometime and see what you think? My age isn't posted, but I'll be 18 in April, if it's an important factor for you.
Dawn xx