Tuesday, February 5, 2008

If you thought the mousemat was bad...

I have been oh-so-good today. I am smugly slowly nodding my head as I type this, watching Will & Grace. I am smug because I went to my class - Modernism and I worked in the library for 2 hours. I have a really bad attention span - example - since I started this post I have turnt the show over, sipped my diet coke, unpacked my bag, ate a polo and opened my window. So, 2 hours in the library - admittedly with my IPod on - was good for me. I am looking forward to watching the season premier of America's Next Top Model which I SkyPlused yesterday.

If your looking for another hideously sexist gift, look at these: The USB Stripper Doll and the 'Control Your Woman' controller, with commands like 'feed me' and 'strip off'


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