Monday, February 25, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Oscar Gown Time!

There was a lot of purple, black, red and white on the red carpet, in either a strapless or one-shoulder design. All morning I've been looking at the dresses, and deciding who is the best, and who is the worst.

Here are the best:
Jennifer Garner: I like the structure and simplicity of this gown, and i even like the gathering at the bottom. Not sure about the hair, but i like the gown very much .Anne Hathaway: This is a beautiful dress, and the colour complements her skin tone perfectly. I love the Grecian one-shoulder, the sweep of fabric and her simple hair.
Jessica Alba: Perfect. Jessica concealed her baby bump, chose this gorgeous dark purple colour, gorgeous feather detail at the top and even managed to make the Heidi-style hair plait work on her up-do.Ellen Page: I love how Ellen rocked a cool androgynous look the other night, yet chose this pretty, simple black dress. I even like the 1920's style necklace and her hair and make-up was gorgeous.
Heidi Klum: I love this gown, and even though she wore a popular colour she chose a dramatic shape and i LOVE the high colour. I like everything about this dress, the train is lovely, the colour is right.
Katherine Heigl: Can you say Marilyn!? Wow. Why the hell do people think Lindsay Lohan looks like Marilyn Monroe, look at Katherine! Love, Love, Love. Effortlessly glamorous.Renee Zellweger: Isn't this so pretty? It fits her perfectly, i love the silvery colour, the gathering throughout. I even don't mind her hair.Penelope Cruz: I love this, i love the gathering, the feathers, its complicated but it really works on her. Her hair and make-up looks gorgeous too.

And the Worst...

Cameron Diaz: I usually love Cameron's gowns, but i don't like this pale pink colour on her skintone. The gathering seems a bit off as well. I don't hate it, but this is a disappointment.
Nicole Kidman: Its not that i hate this dress, its just so dull. I don't like the weird crystal necklace thing.
Nancy O'Dell: I don't even know who this woman is, but Lord! Its like a tacky pageant dress instead of an Oscar gown. I dislike the low-cut, stretchy lace bit at the front, i hate the split, it doesn't fit her right. No. No. No.

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the iron chic said...

There is just something so unlikable about Alba though.
I'm in the Marion Cotillard dress camp!

p.s. I just linked you!!!!