Friday, February 8, 2008

Dear Whoever Marks my Coursework, #2

Dear Mr/Ms Coursework-Marker,

I have two courseworks due in one week. I'm sure you are looking forward to reading my innovative thoughts on Mansfield's use of Modernism and Friedan's theory applied to French. Oh, you're not? Well, instead of working dilligently on it, i have been:

Writing song lyrics on bits of paper. I do this with all my lyric-ideas, i think of something then scrawl it done before i forget it. This little pile of about 8 are from this week, and i will be sticking them into my book before hopefully using them.
I have an addiction to checking my email. I honestly don't know what i did before the internet, let alone before December, when i got wireless. I don't mean this in a post-modern, smug way - i genuinely can't think of what i used to do. I certainly read and watch TV as much as i ever did. Maybe its work.
The new Glamour. Its calling to me 'Don't do the coursework, who cares about feminist issues when Lindsay is 'getting REAL'

My baby, my Ipod. Everytime i try to work a song will come on and i will be FORCED to get up and dance to it. Example - Rufus' California/John Mayer's Route 66/Carmen -Toreador Song. This is NOT my fault.
Because this is the view from my window - Pretty huh? It's a beautiful day and I really should be out HAVING a Garden Party instead of talking about Katherine Mansfield's.

So. Mr/Ms Coursework-Marker. You don't like me, i don't like you. Just give me an A on both and we will say no more about it.

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lalaliu said...

i love checking my email. it's an obsession too :D