Friday, February 15, 2008


I've been really anxious all this week, so i'm so happy for it to be the weekend. I can do whatever I want without feeling guilty!

I used my babysitting money from last night to buy stuff i've wanted for agggeeeessss:

I purchased two gorgeous brooches to stick on my coat. Partly influenced from a Vogue photo i saw the other day, and half from Rufus.

I've needed new sneakers for ages, my lilac ones are completely wrecked. The plaid-like design
has little red figures dancing when you look up-close. My Mama kindly got these for me. I am wearing them-in right now.

I needed a new notebook, i'm near the end of my current favourite one, and I only started it in September; still need to buy another one, for my song lyric stuff. The little blur is a cute little fabric doll i got, to stick to my pinboard.

Legwarmers. Not for some 80's kick but for underneath boots, they are really comfy and warm.

Hope your having a gorgeous Friday!

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AlicePleasance said...

Those broochesare really nice :-)