Monday, February 4, 2008

Theatre Candy


Today has been a good day. I woke up late, padded downstairs to watch the latest Project Catwalk (thank God Angie went, she was a total bitch) and then slowly got ready for my Shakespeare class @ 3pm, whilst watching old SATC on youtube. I took some notes on The Merchant of Venice in the Library so I would know what the lecturer was talking about. I am planning to see a performance of this play soon, as its part of my coursework.

Is it wrong that I want the actors be hot? In the past I have seen Sean Bean as Macbeth - not my kind of guy but my friend rented the little red eyeglasses to get a closer look - and an actress in Measure for Measure at the National a while ago did the whole of Act 2 with her shirt off. I have paid my dues. Therefore, I should not be blamed for wanting some theatre-candy.

I am currently listening to Carmen, and singing along - in my own words because I don't know the proper French. I watched a great production at Christmas on TV, and I still find it strange that such a Spanish musical is performed in French. Excuse my Carmen-ramblings, I am kind of sleepy; I stayed up to watch some of the Superbowl. Why - you ask?

This is why: Tom Brady.

Star Quarterback of the New England Patriots - who shockingly lost at the American Superbowl yesterday, I don't know much of the sport but I enjoyed all the hoopla and the uniforms. Gisele is one lucky lady.

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