Saturday, December 27, 2008

La Aftermath

Hi, how was your Christmas?

I woke up at about 9:40am -which in a way makes me sad because when I was younger my brother would wake me up at like 5am going 'wakeupwakeup, you PROMISED you would....I ate all my stocking....I feel sick...can we watch your new friends video...Mum said she would get up at 6:3oam....yeah...come oonnnnn' and now we're too old. Thats kinda sad.

Then we opened gifts, my 'best' was a digital radio, and my brother got a mic and stand for his band-which is kind of cool. Then my Uncle came round, my brother stuck on a FIFA Game so I retreated to my forum and to stick on XFM.

After games - Mama and I won - we ate more, I squealed my way through Doctor Who and I got my lovely xmas feeling over the amazing Royle Family.

Today i've been all moany, 'its OVEEERRR' but tomorrow is sales shopping, so thats good.

I hope you are having a great time xxx

On Christmas Eve, my friends and I (my turn to host) mocked Chris Crocker

Pointed at Disney glitter that fell onto my floor - I am McPointin'

I gave my friend a Spiderman finger-puppet.

Xmas morning! Yay! Radio! I wanted one ages ago, for Russell's podcasts. Fail.

#That's how you know!....You can be Popular!....Promises I made...#

We're so sad to see it go!

Gorgeous, pink.

My phone, its not even that fancy but I still can't work it.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas, my gorgeous blogger pals!

I hope you get everything you wish for!

I, sadly, did not get Julian Barratt, but I got a digital radio which has made me happy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thy Slavish Life

Dear Christopher Marlowe,

This may be a little late but can you not write anything, like ever?

Like go outside, hire a hooker, dance about with Gwyneth Paltrow.

I am trying to write about your plays and it is frustrating, dull and irritating. If you could just make everything incredibly clear then my task would be much easier. I stopped caring 2027 words ago about regressive aggression and power. Also, why did you give your characters stupid fucking names? Tamburlaine, Mephistophilies, Zenocrates - Would a Jill or a Harry kill you?

A word of advice, stay away from bar fights.

Also, I prefer Shakespeare.

Love and Faustus,

N x

Sunday, December 7, 2008

3rd Rock from the Glum

Its been a busy week, well apparently. For about 2 minutes just then I sat and thought about what I had done, and it was woefully inadequate. Possibly you would like to hear about the time where I thought we were out of lemonade, then Mum said she had got cherryade and I did a little dance of happiness and made up a song (Cherryade makes me happy, happy is cherryade)

Mum is washing up, we just watched Star Wars; Phantom Menance. Well she watched and I bitched about how annoying and wrong it is. I am watching 3rd rock from the sun, my pal introduced me to it, and trying to upload some photos to show you.

On Monday I had class (dull) and a goodbye party (fun), Wednesday I had class (dull) and got lost wandering around Bayswater, clutching my phone to my ear and looking longingly into Nando's with my nose pressed against the glass. Thursday I went late-night shopping and swooned over Keith Murray over Buzzcocks. On Friday I brought a new dress and put up my
Christmas list. Saturday we had relatives over, but I didn't see them as I was getting ready for IAMX; which was AMAZING. I wish I had photos from that night, I took my camera but left it in my bag which I checked in. I was too small to get good photos thought.

Photos are in no order, as usual.

Steppin' out

Drawing in the HawleyGiggles O'Shay

On the way to the station



Me, as Alice @ Halloween.

Our special reserved Hawley table

I look like I am politely listening to a lecture.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wise People

I am sitting on my bed, watching Frasier (Roz's Schnoz) and wondering why I don't feel Christmassy yet. I sort of start letting myself be Christmassy on the 1st, I put up my little tree and relentlessly play my Xmas Playlist. But this year, its not working yet. Maybe tomorrow I will feel more festive.

Yesterday I went to a Christmas fair with my family, it was so lovely. Very old-timey and beautiful. I managed to get a couple of gifts and surprised myself by remaining relatively calm and okay.

Part of the Cathedral (Bury St Edmonds)

I wanted to see this gorgeous-sounding bird very badly. Didn't see one.

Pink birds!!
Going into the abbey

It felt like a Most Haunted special.

Front of Abbey gardens

Pie O' Christmas.

Little street

Carousel! No-one would go on with me. It played Hello Dolly too.

Slightly fuzzy, but beautiful

Wise people on stilts.

Friday, November 28, 2008

No Men And A Sort Of Lady

Morning Campers.

This week has been a hideous mix of me moaning, complaining or tutting. If this week was an 80's movie it would be set to Journey's 'Don't stop believin' and it would contain a montage of me sitting on my bed with heaps of balled-up paper around me, and I would look to the camera and do a big comic shrug and make a pun about recycling.

On Sunday I bravely ventured into Westfield's shopping centre, which to be honest I didn't like. I was amazed to find Superdrug, a recognisable store in amongst acres of expensive shops that just sold either tights, organic food or phones. I really didn't like it, although the decorations were lovely. Me wandering through La Senza with my pals, looking slightly embarrassed will be set to Pat Benatar's Love is a Battlefield. After that, I met up with other pals and went to the movies, Easy Virtue, it was cute. The night ended with me lost, alone and freaked-out in Paddington. Not good.

It would then fade, with a quick burst of Duran Duran to me, fearfully trying to remember what GCSE'S I took for my post-grad application on Tuesday. I would keep adding up on my hand, going 'WHAT else, what else' before mumbling 'Oh yeah...GCSE Dance' and then the audience would whoop in mirth and I would put my head in my hands.

My beloved Blondie would then show me, on Wednesday, sitting in my classes rolling my eyes whilst my lecturer talks about seeing Boney M in concert, and neglects to talk about Jeannette Winterson. Although I would like to fit in The Rivers of Babylon, or Rasputin to my essay on gender issues, I fear it may not fit.

Then possibly Bowie's Fashion would show me trying to get ready for the dentist yesterday. I ended up wearing what American's would call 'sweats'. I moaned my way into the reception, sat with wide-eyed fear and nearly cried when the dentist said no fillings. Sweet Tooth: 1 Dentist: 0

Yesterday I went to see my pal, taking Forgetting Sarah Marshall with me. I ended up on a packed bus full of kids, one shouting 'Amanda, you are a proper c-' for about 50 minutes. This sequence, in my movie I am tentatively titling 'No men and a sort of lady' will be set to Madonna's papa don't preach, I think the background would sound good interspersed with shots of me on the bus, looking gorgeously stressed.

I have curls. This makes me beyond thrilled. I am giddy.

Westfields went all out.

My lecture notes - I found a sports-type bit of paper and decided to make it pretty.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

No on Hate

Amazing photos from rallies from around the world.

No on Prop 8