Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wise People

I am sitting on my bed, watching Frasier (Roz's Schnoz) and wondering why I don't feel Christmassy yet. I sort of start letting myself be Christmassy on the 1st, I put up my little tree and relentlessly play my Xmas Playlist. But this year, its not working yet. Maybe tomorrow I will feel more festive.

Yesterday I went to a Christmas fair with my family, it was so lovely. Very old-timey and beautiful. I managed to get a couple of gifts and surprised myself by remaining relatively calm and okay.

Part of the Cathedral (Bury St Edmonds)

I wanted to see this gorgeous-sounding bird very badly. Didn't see one.

Pink birds!!
Going into the abbey

It felt like a Most Haunted special.

Front of Abbey gardens

Pie O' Christmas.

Little street

Carousel! No-one would go on with me. It played Hello Dolly too.

Slightly fuzzy, but beautiful

Wise people on stilts.

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