Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Voodoo (LikeyouIdodo)


Sorry I haven't updated in a while, its a combination of busy-ness and laziness. But from now on my schedule is mournfully empty, I've got hideous amounts of essays due in and I haven't started any of them. Yet I manage to read 10 plus fashion blogs everyday, 3 magazines a week - and yet I end up scanning synopsis' for my weekly reading for classes. Is anyone else like this?

So, this week; with photos.

I have some great ones of my pals, from Halloween but i'm not really comfortable posting photos of them without them knowing, but if you're my pal on FB, its all on there.

On Wednesday I met up with pals, trailing for Halloween costumes. At night I went into Camden to see Robots in Disguise, which was amazing. Friday was Halloween! I went as Alice in Wonderland, trying to find the photo which is avoiding me.

Whilst waiting for the band, we read some interesting literature.

My pals ended up on the stage, screaming their gorgeous hearts out.

And dancing, quite a bit.

The Proud Gallery was a great venue, very cute and small. My coat got stolen though, that wasn't exactly a highlight.


For Halloween we went into Kilburn, for the Good Ship's Halloween Ball. This girl was like a doll, all wide-eyes, stroppy dancing and lyrics like 'T-Rex, Dinosaur Sex'. I pretty much loved her.

We also saw this band, the Fractures I think they were called.

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