Saturday, December 27, 2008

La Aftermath

Hi, how was your Christmas?

I woke up at about 9:40am -which in a way makes me sad because when I was younger my brother would wake me up at like 5am going 'wakeupwakeup, you PROMISED you would....I ate all my stocking....I feel sick...can we watch your new friends video...Mum said she would get up at 6:3oam....yeah...come oonnnnn' and now we're too old. Thats kinda sad.

Then we opened gifts, my 'best' was a digital radio, and my brother got a mic and stand for his band-which is kind of cool. Then my Uncle came round, my brother stuck on a FIFA Game so I retreated to my forum and to stick on XFM.

After games - Mama and I won - we ate more, I squealed my way through Doctor Who and I got my lovely xmas feeling over the amazing Royle Family.

Today i've been all moany, 'its OVEEERRR' but tomorrow is sales shopping, so thats good.

I hope you are having a great time xxx

On Christmas Eve, my friends and I (my turn to host) mocked Chris Crocker

Pointed at Disney glitter that fell onto my floor - I am McPointin'

I gave my friend a Spiderman finger-puppet.

Xmas morning! Yay! Radio! I wanted one ages ago, for Russell's podcasts. Fail.

#That's how you know!....You can be Popular!....Promises I made...#

We're so sad to see it go!

Gorgeous, pink.

My phone, its not even that fancy but I still can't work it.


LML said...


tor (fabfrocks) said...

Wow, you got some seriously good gifts! Jealous of the enchanted DVD and high school musical goodies especially (apparently, i'm too old for such treats!!)

Aoife B said...

I have that cake stand too - how amazing is it?!