Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thy Slavish Life

Dear Christopher Marlowe,

This may be a little late but can you not write anything, like ever?

Like go outside, hire a hooker, dance about with Gwyneth Paltrow.

I am trying to write about your plays and it is frustrating, dull and irritating. If you could just make everything incredibly clear then my task would be much easier. I stopped caring 2027 words ago about regressive aggression and power. Also, why did you give your characters stupid fucking names? Tamburlaine, Mephistophilies, Zenocrates - Would a Jill or a Harry kill you?

A word of advice, stay away from bar fights.

Also, I prefer Shakespeare.

Love and Faustus,

N x


Anonymous said...

Dear out of fashion, I know you will treasure my response because i can claim some credit for launching Rufus on the world.

He sings on the screen for the first time in my movie, Tommy Tricker and the Stamp traveler.

(Seach his name and the movie title via youTube) How did that come about, you pertinently ask? Because his Mum, Kate McGarrigle did the music for my film.

Matha sings the closing song. Sadly we don't see her. But we sure see Rufus singing his own composition, I'm running mid way though the films. He's about 12 at the time. I remember saying to him. Rufus, you could be very good, professionally, I mean. Nah! he replied, at the time liking only opera.

The rest of my fascinating offering , that part concerning Marlowe which I hope will be equally surprising, I'll email you
even though I do think you're being pretty rude to Kit. Cheers Mike

Anonymous said...

I do like a good bit of Shakespeare, especially Macbeth. I was also wondering if you know Strawberry Milshakes new(ish) blog, I only just found the old one and would like to read more.

Dina-Dyorre said...

Ahaha, so awesome!

I could match that too well to 'Mice and Men' which we studied at school...biggest waste of my life.

Why not the classics? Shakespeare? Hardy? Conan Doyle for pete's sake! Nooo, I bet they think it's too 'challenging' for the kids.