Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Post-Modernism is a game of two halves

I started back at Uni this week. My first class of the week, The Renaissance, was kinda dull because we were just going through the module booklet. Also, the lecturer kept making the Underworld sound like some kind of sexual euphemism, 'where the people go, down below', 'sinners went into the nether regions'. It was hard to keep a straight face. Today I had my second class, my dissertation counts as module so I only have two lectures/seminars a week. The lecture was on 20th Century Literature, and the lecturer kept using football metaphors to describe post-modernism and talking about his close friendship with Will Self.

New ANTM. Makin' me happy.

Crazy beautiful sunset.

School outfit for Monday. Kinda plain, but my black jacket had a new corsage and I had fancy tights on and new boots.

Lewis indulging me in posing for silly photos. I will call this one 'Sister's indulgence'

Why my back and shoulders hurt. Just this week's reading. Eek.

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