Sunday, September 28, 2008

Camera Obscura

I have a new camera!

Be prepared for proper photos. A part of me will miss the blurriness. Another, larger, bit of me is going 'LOOK AT THE ZOOM'. This weekend has gone to fast, on Saturday my friends came around for my belated 21st celebration. I wanted to do something low-key so we all had Italian food and the SATC movie. The camera was their present, I completely adore it. We also watched Super Sweet 16 and sat in horror at the hideous brats, whilst cheering their failure of a party.

Today I went for a walk, watched Strictly Come Dancing and I've now got X-Factor on . Cheryl just blew a raspberry down the phone at Simon. Louis is confused and believes he is going to win. Simon's finalists get to go Barbados. Woah.

Tomorrow I start classes again, I can't believe how it feels like its come too soon, when I haven't had a lecture since late March. I still haven't read the text for tomorrow, which is pretty shamefully lazy. I have been picking out a cute outfit though, and praying for cold weather so I can wear my new coat and gloves.

I am a bad person. LOOK at my tower of laundry.

A new wall collage.

My pals got me birthday balloons!

The park
The Park II
Harry, eating the second (unwanted) half of my tutti-fruiti.

Waiting for my pals to show up.

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