Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You're my only hope

Birthday countdown - Minus 2 days. Is that right? it sounds wrong. I've never been into space travel, I think the stars are endlessly beautiful but the expense and value of going into space is completely lost on me.

Anyway. I had to go into University today and it was packed of Freshers. Everywhere I went I heard muttered awkward conversations, saw people peering at maps and they all stood at the wrong place for the bus, and blinked as it stopped 2 metres from their feet. They were also bewilderingly dressed-up, which I know from experience, is abandoned during the first week because I have always been the most dressed-up person in my classes - and that's only because I like colour, cardigans and tights. They will soon adopt the uniform of uggs and velour tracksuit bottoms. They wandered about, getting in my way and making me feel curiously young - they all look SO old. I also did a geeky trip to the library, murmuring words of love to my favourite place.

My Mama got me a student diary today, but it doesn't say the day of the week, just the date which is already irritating. My timetable came through yesterday, I'm only going to be in classes twice a week, only two modules this term.

My friends are getting me a camera for my birthday, so I will start doing proper photos - promise.

Cute buttons & bow stickers from paperchase.

I had a happy meal today. Yes, for children. The box suggested I take a straw and take the piece of cardboard from the box itself to make a lightsaber. What do you think?

My Princess Amidala pen. I have issues with Star Wars - anything before A New Hope.

My first book of the term. I didn't do my reading list...as usual. On chapter 4 and its relentlessly dull. Anyone read it?

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