Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ultimate in Comfort.

It's my birthday next week - don't pretend like y'all forgot - so my Papa took me out to get some presents that Mum will wrap up and we will all pretend I've never seen before. My birthday list, yes, at 20 my Mum still needs a list, had the usual DVDs, Boosh Live...Frasier...SATC...and Flight of the Conchords which I've wanted for months now.

I will then blow out candles on a cake I won't eat and probably return to my favourite position, on my bed watching Frasier. Occasionally rolling over to get a MAOAM or to flick on a Russell Brand podcast.

My anxiety is still kinda bad, it comes and goes in waves. I am trying to be positive though. It needs time and I'm finding that hard to accept.

My new boots. I fondly look over at them every 20 minutes. I hope they like me

Yes! THE ULTIMATE in comfort.

New coat, it looks plain but its fitted and classically smart. I have stuck a pearl bow broach to it.

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