Friday, September 26, 2008

Hello Dolly! (Birthdayness)

I am currently watching Russell Brand Live on Channel 4 and embarrassing myself by looking up with a stupid smile when he mentioned Matt. It was the sort of smile a coy Victorian heroine would smile, if she dropped her glove and a gentleman picked it up. I'm ashamed of myself.

Anyway. Yesterday was my birthday. I had my usual 'GOD I AM OLD' moment, which is kind of strange because I've always felt old, I never felt like a teenager. I like things old people like. I nearly got teary over a birthday thread on my darling forum, people were incredibly lovely and I had a 'they love me, they really love me' moment; like some mini Shirley Temple.

My family and I went out to eat, to Chiquita's where I watched as 12 small children tried in vain to smash the pinata. They eventually got angry and sought vengeance, running around and screaming for Fanta. A brave father got up and whacked it, spilling candy in the sky. I was very envious of these children. I ate my meal in jealous silence, occasionally offering an opinion on my brother's Boosh tour costume.

Today I spent some birthday money, got dresses, which I will post photos tomorrow. Here are some from yesterday:

My birthday balloon and rootin'-tootin' boots.

My chocolate birthdayness - now half-eaten

New gloves - cute huh?

Hello Dolly!
My darling brother, pulling unattractive faces to make me happy

He got scared this looked nazi-ist.

My cake!

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!! Your cake looks GORGEOUS. XD