Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We meet again Mr Bond

I really, really should be asleep, I have a 7am start tomorrow but I'm watching a Will&Grace re-run and pm-ing the sprinkle to my cupcake. I haven't read the book for tomorrow, it was out of print everywhere and the library had no copies, or orders for copies from the lecturer. This will hopefully mean a group moan tomorrow where we all go 'Couldn't get it' and he then gives us 2o different ways to have gotten it, and tells us we are doomed to educational failure.

On Monday my Renaissance class was moved to a new room. It was completely gorgeous, the University's Council Chamber with a big doomed ceiling, white and wood everywhere, big comfy swivelly seats and framed portraits of Vice-Chancellors. It was very impressive and I amused myself by pretending to be a Bond villain instead of discussing Faustus during my seminar.

I am not bored of my camera yet:

I watched a movie (corny)

Inadvertently played textbook Jenga.

Did some important research for my lecture.

Moaned about my throat

Realised my neat, tidy bedside draw is in fact a Sweetie Drawer.

Today I organised some DVDS

And sock draw
Admired the changeable weather

Checked my diary

Continued to fight my cold.

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Anonymous said...

Oh your diary is so cute! I love your handwriting, and the top of the doodle, you should take a better picture of it so that we can see all of the doodle because I just LOVE them :D :D :D