Thursday, October 9, 2008

V&A, LDN and Me

Watching the hilarious and sweet Beautiful People on TV. I am still tired from yesterday. Yesterday, after my class finished at 1pm I decided to go and see the Fashion .V. Sport exhibition at the V&A. First I wandered round Oxford Street, it was beautiful and sunny; although completely packed, even on a Wednesday afternoon.

These photos are in a bizarre order:

I am going back to being a redhead. Hopefully I will be more Mary-Jane than Ronald. I like being a redhead before.

In Fashion .v. Sport exhibition (I got a couple of sneaky, illegal shots) I LOATHED these.

Cute, vintage BIBA shoes.

Christian Lacriox
V&A courtyard.

Gorgeous crystal chandelier in lobby.

From exhibition, Stella McCartney.

Gorgeous vintage dress.

Ossie Clark.

From The Supremes exhibition. STOP! in the name of Love.

Even more gorgeousness.

Oxford Street.
Gorgeous Chloe dress.

Tracey Emin.

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