Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pathetic? To die for love? How can you say so? What could be more glorious?

I am glad you cannot see me right now. I am almost squealing with fangirl excitement. I'm watching Sense and Sensibility on channel 4, even though i have seen it a million times and i even have it on video. I'm also my dead scruffy self, wearing my pinkish slouchy sweatpants and my hotpink shirt. I have been waiting for over 2 and a half hours for this bit of the movie, where Elinor realises Edward is not married and loves her. God, i could watch it over and over. I LOVE the sob, its so realistic and heartfelt, the emotion just comes out. I adore Marianne too, especially her love for poetry. Just like in Emma, where she tells Mr Knightly that she loves him, 'if I have not spoken, it is because I am afraid I will awaken myself from this dream'. Oooh, Hugh Grant just said it, 'my heart will always be yours'. Lovely. Now its the wedding. Has Kate Winslet ever looked as beautiful? She even quotes my favourite sonnet earlier in the movie.

Anyway. Tomorrow is Mothers Day, but my Mum is ill so we won't be going out for lunch and will probably just watch a movie and order in, or something. My brother is terrible at holidays, i had to drag him round the shops making him buy gifts that i picked out then i had to wrap the gifts yesterday.


coco said...

My brother always upstages me on mothers day so I have started to give up

Anonymous said...

Ahh, I love the Jane Austens. Sense&Sensibility was my first one, but I think the BBC production of Pride&Prejudice was my favourite. xD I AM Elizabeth Bennet... it's weird. ^^

And I know what you mean about brothers doing nowt on Mother's Day... mine did nothing whatsoever, hahaha

the iron chic said...

I love that movie too.
It's one of those ones-if it's on t.v. I'll watch it.
Even if it's in the middle or almost over.