Sunday, March 30, 2008

Once Upon A Time

You will never meet anyone who is further from The Aisle than me - but a new Disney version of Bridalwear was featured on my beloved Jezebel, attracting a lot of criticism for its Prince Charming message and designs. It also has some bridesmaid and young bridesmaid dresses, but i'm going to focus on the most expensive dress you will ever own - knowing my thriftiness this may still be cheap if I ever get hitched.

However, I am going to betray the sisterhood - I actually like quite a few of the designs:

Snow White: I think these are really pretty - especially the first one

Sleeping Beauty: Very demure, I love the second one. Third one is a little maternity.

Jasmine: Not so cute, I really don't like the third one.

Cinderella: Lets ignore the souffle that is the second dress - isn't the first one pretty? Makes for a teeny waist.

Belle: My favourite 'princess'. I don't know where the Ariel fishtail has come from but I LOVE the first one and I like the bow detail on the second one.

Ariel: I don't like any of these AT ALL. I hate the first one, the fishtail and the older-lady sleeve thing.

What do you think - do they make for a Happy Ever After?


Katie Rosemary said...

You've picked out my exact favourites - good taste! I'll narrow my choices down to the second sleeping beauty/first cinderella haha I feel like a little girl again planning my future wedding
I think it's a bit of a twee concept... but you're right some of the designs aren't half bad at all

Anonymous said...

I'm torn between Snow White and Sleeping Beauty as being my favourites; I really don't liek that "sheer" kind of fabric they've used on the other dresses; I always think they draw too much attention to stomachs. I have a very curved spine so things like that highlight my round tummy, which is probably the only reason I don't like them. :P

I don't mind Ariel's first design, though it isn't very "wedding"y; it's more the kind of thing you'd buy in red and wear to a prom.

the iron chic said...

I don't really get what each one has to do with each character but... some of them are surprisingly passable.