Saturday, March 15, 2008

Being Frank

I wish you could see me, I am quite removed from my morning wallowing. I am sitting on my bed, as usual, with my pillows wedged so I can sit upright to type. My window is open, I never close it really, and rain is coming through. Amy Winehouse's Frank is playing loudly to my right and my room is all cosy because I have stuck my little lamp on. I'm waiting for an old re-run of Have I Got News For You to come on. This is what makes me happy.

Someone send me this article earlier, knowing it would annoy me, they were correct.
Its from IVillage, a male columnist is citing the results of a survey, 'confessing the 10 most annoying things women do'. What are our crimes?

10. Pretending to be virtuous
9. Criticize other women
8. Act jealous
7. Become needy
6. Speak in code
5. Invade our personal space
4. Become too emotional
Shop till they drop
2. Talk incessantly
1. Use sex as a weapon

The reasons for these 10 complaints are incredibly lame, it ranges from 'you cry if you break a nail' to 'Women have this instinctive tic that makes them want to groom us anytime they want and make our personal belongings theirs'. God. I am so happy to be now aware of my faults. I shouldn't communicate, shop, show emotion, be honest or be myself in any fashion. This must explain the recent boom in blow up sex dolls.

I will leave you to read for yourself his sexist and at best condescending tone.

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trendinista said...

He forgot #11 -- putting up with men's shit. That's one of our worst flaws as women ;)