Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fashion Epiphany!

I've just had a fashion Epiphany!

Despite my lamenting tones on my conventional sense of style, I have just realised that I do have style confidence and a sense of adventure: in my casual/sleepwear! This may sound strange so I took some photos to illustrate this point.
I am wearing my usual uniform. This is what I wear during my glamorous activities of reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond, daily blog reading and Adrian Mole. I have on my Spanish cartoon pj bottoms, they are incredibly comfy, my yellow with pink flowers jersey top with my black hooded top with newly-sewn-on lace on the pockets. All baggy, all comfy. An alternative to this is my cherry-red velour 'apartment pants' and my collection of plaid shirts which rallies hilarious southern jokes from my brother, 'Make ya sqeal like a pigggieeee' (Old Rugrats inside joke...)

May someday I will be able to translate this into 'outside clothes' because at the moment the only person appreciating this is my giggling-at-it family and the Barone clan.

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