Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Le Weekend

Did you have a good Easter? I completely broke my diet because my Mum got me a Ripple Easter Egg and Mini-Eggs. I'm not into organised religion so I followed my church - watching the gorgeous musical Easter Parade and old re-runs of Top Gear on Dave. I've also been watching the figure skating lately, I LOVE skating and even though the skaters I like didn't win its still fun. Sinead and John Kerr, the British pair were really good.

But - my favourites - who should have won were the Canadians, you HAVE to watch it!

So, here is a pictorial summary of my weekend:

It snowed! For only two minutes, but it was pretty whilst it lasted!


A lot o' Nando's.
Diet-breakin' mini-eggs.

Reading fanfiction, and fangirl squealing when my story request was posted.


Anonymous said...

I have discovered heavenly gummy sweets. Tesco's Extra Sour Apple Loops. Run. Buy. Now. xD

Tamron Lohan said...

OOOH mini eggs are SO delish.

Katie Rosemary said...

Argh I'm craving mini eggs right now...
Wish we'd had more snow! It disappeared too quickly... I wanted to run about in it and act far too childish haha

la paix, l'amour, la mode said...

the snow looks beautiful.
i wish it would look that beautiful where i lived
we dont see much of a change in seasons, its pretty much hot all year round.

happy belated easter(:

Claire said...

Surely Nando's is diet-breaking too? Everyone can have time off diets!!

Ambrosiality said...

awww so cute!!