Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jekyll and Jagger

When it comes to essays and revision - I think I have a split personality. Really. I am Geekish, I listen in all my classes, take constant notes and attend all lectures/seminars. I always want to get an A and I take it really hard if I don't. Yet, I always end up doing my essays quite late because I sit about watching TV and reading, I recently sat doing a More magazine crossword in my last Modernism class and I fully intend to put off revision till a week before. Is anyone else like this?

I just saw the ultra-cute new M&S Ad so I thought instead of moaning on about how I'm not confident enough to wear what I want I would look at their new young summer looks, the Lizzie Jagger ones:

Cute huh?


Anonymous said...

"Is anyone else like this?"

Yes. Yes indeed. :P

I am terrible for putting off revision. Last year when I was sitting my Higher (A-Level) History, I was about to revise when I thought "Hey, I could alphabetize my books at long last!". Did.

The next day, I did my cds.


Ambrosiality said...

wow the third outfit is so chic!

lol we belong in procrastinators anonymous. I actually used to remind myself of a hot guy to go to class. Girl please, with a waist cincher, everyone has confidence. I know girls who even wear fake bums from , do whatever makes u feel better, Wear it1!

LML said...

love the last look and reguarding ur post below - anything amy winehouse gets me in a a good mood too :)

selinaoolala said...

i'm like that, when it comes down to it i want to do well but assignments are such a drag! my secret weapon is the library, once i'm on a quiet floor the only thing to do is work! i think jade jagger's really cool, smart move for m&s