Sunday, March 2, 2008


I thought I would give another - fascinating - look into my life. In particular, my Sunday. Today I have been celebrating Mothers Day, Watching my guiltily pleasure on YouTube, so hideous I cannot tell you. I am Attempting to write my essay which I should have started ages ago and eating my weight in sweets.

I post this photo with a look of horror and recognition. I have barely read/looked at any of these books. Please note the sweet wrappers and the remote control - clearly signalling where my priorities lie.

My only Love sprung from my only Hate...
My gorgeous baby Laptop and the hideous mess of work behind it; and a weird Sky leaflet actually. Why is that there!?

Now this is my kind of mess, its pretty-mess. My gorgeous distractions for Shylock: More Magazine, The Book Thief, Flowers, Sweets, Diet Coke, IPod and the little feet of my David Tennant doll right at the top. See him? He says Hello. Actually, if he could talk he would probably fervently murmur 'Just kill me...kill me now'.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I love that notebook! Where did you get it from??

*is notebook junkie* :D