Saturday, March 22, 2008

Journey to the Past

I watched my beloved Anastasia yesterday. I am well aware that at 20yrs old I should be watching Oscar winners like Syriana but I just want a cute romance with singing. I will only watch a movie if it involves: A love story/makeover/prom/geek/singing/dancing. I think Anastasia has it all, the songs are amazing - don't tell me you don't sing Journey to the Past really loud, especially the end, 'and bring me home, at LASSSTTTTT'.

All the characters are cute, the story is nice and I love anything Russian. Dimitri, albeit a fictional animation is hot and the clothes are wonderful. I decided to search the Internet to see if there is anything similar:

I have just been looking for over 40 minutes for a photo of the gorgeous blue ballgown she wears and I can't find one! However, I found some costumes!

And my personal favourite:
God. I should be watching more age-appropriate movies.


Anonymous said...

I'd laugh, but I still have all of my Fireman Sam videos. ._.

Stephanie said...

No way, Disney movies are the shit!

Alya said...

hahaha I still watch Disney animated love stories! They're the best!