Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Warning

We here at gorgeous celebrity males have been informed of your interest in our clients. However, we would also like to present you with a concept you may be unfamiliar with: Reality. We've seen your Julian Barratt laptop wallpaper, pictures on your wall and photos folder. I know, to have a folder just for the Mighty Boosh is a bit lame. What? Well password protect then. We've heard you play shag or die, name your 'list' from Friends and seen how you spent the day before your A2 History exam trying to make a definite top 3. We have also heard from our literary affiliates at dreamy book boys that you also had a thing for Seb Mantenga from 'Finding Cassie Crazy', Harry from 'Lost art of keeping secrets' and Dave the Laugh from the Georgia Nicolson books. Although to be fair you have more chance with these fictional characters.

Ms N, why do you have affections for people who are so out of your league its laughable? Instead of liking the boy next door you like Jake Gyllenhaal, inside of the boy at the corner shop you dream of Noel Fielding. And less said about Russell Brand the better. Even WE don't get that one.

Yours handsomely,

Gorgeous Celebrity Males

PS. And we KNOW the real reason why you watch Doctor Who. Everyone knows actually.

1 comment:

selinaoolala said...

i love dave the laugh!!! seriously, he needs to exist! i too just read and read on holiday, i'd rather not get any cancerous cells, i just sit in the shade!