Friday, April 25, 2008

Tough Love INC.

We here at Tough Love INC. would like to state some simple facts for you to get your head round, seeing as you seem disinclined to be mature or rational right now. It is NOT anyone else's fault that you revised the wrong thing for your in-a-WEEK-exam. DEAL with it Missy. Also, YOU missed the bus this morning because you were watching the episode of Will & Grace with Michael Douglas, granted it's your favourite epiosde but you have it on dvd. This makes you STUPID. Someone did take the book you wanted from the library but that is also YOUR fault. We heard you kicked up quite the fuss (in your head but still) and nearly knocked yourself out lifting up the lid on the photocopier. Why not LOOK properly?

Stop that stupidly sniffing and turn off the radio. Yes. NOW. No, we don't know who likes the Hoosiers either. I KNOW! like totally. Um, well anyway: we would also like to add that it is NOT Tesco's fault that they were sold out of all the food you like. Its more of society's fault in general than the 'bloody idiots' at your local store. We heard you make a nasty joke about the steel knife demostrator aswell, its not his fault one of the women didn't want to wait 30 minutes to recieve her free knife, STOP being nasty right now. What? she called him a jobsworth? How very Daily Mail of her. We just want whats best for everyone else right now, so BUCK up your ideas and stop wallowing.

Stop crying and listen,

Tough Love INC.

ps. And your new Mac? You look more bag lady then femme fatale. Now thats TOUGH, love.


AnnaWaits said...

I can't handle tough love :(

Ha. x

Macy said...

People should read this.