Thursday, April 24, 2008

Desert Island

Inspired by the lovely Dawn.

1. My laptop. I know this isn't strictly fair but I hope technology would have advanced enough by that time for me to survive with one battery. I CAN'T live without my HP baby. This would also eliminate me having to chose my IPod.
2. Sweets and Coke. Yes, I AM taking this seriously. To my shame, I would have to take them.
3. Toothbrush, because who knows who could be on the island. Or my boxsets.

This is hard. I read all the time. I took 20 books on my last holiday and caused my Dad to go mental when he had to pay extra. Anyway...
1. Lolita
2. Collected works of Shakespeare
3. Lost Art of keeping Secrets.


Bloody hell - how can I CHOOSE?
1. Rufus Wainwright - Best of.
2. Amy Winehouse - Frank
3. Ella Fitzgerald....or Arctic Monkeys...or IAMX...or Regina Spektor...

Items of Clothing

1. My Brokeback Plaid Shirt
2. My favourite pj's
3) Underwear

3 People (I discounted family and best pals)
1. Noel Fielding
2. David Tennant
Rufus Wainwright. Actually that might make for competition. Make that Jake Gyllenhaal.


Anonymous said...

Awww, you called me lovely! *is chuffed* ^^

The Clothes Horse said...

Oh, I can't even imagine going to a deserted island without my laptop!