Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Thy essay is finished Let us leave The Waste Land!

What? She's still got ANOTHER, WHOLE one to do? AND she's unprepared again?

What about after that? 3 exams? God, she is going to FAIL!

TOWNSPEOPLE: Go about your business.


L. said...

Haha! Sometimes it feels a bit like that. I'm dreading exams a bit myself. Thanks for the comment. I, too, love the Mighty Boosh but it seems highly unlikely that they will make it to Australia, so... the DVD's will just have to do!

Anonymous said...


Nah, you won't fail. I did no work for my English Higher/A-Level and I still ended up with a C... which was on appeal but that isn't the point xD

You will be fine. ^^

Stephanie said...