Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Robots in Disguise

In some sort of horrible irony I have lost my apparent talent for words, and I can think of absolutely nothing interesting to write for my coursework. However, I have never been more active on my LC and Mighty Boosh forums so I may be submitting my ramblings about Noel's new hair or Doctor Who's new timeslot to the examiners. Surely it would be more interesting that feminist constructions of language?

Anyway. Since I mentioned my new favourite Robots in Disguise yesterday - and have pestered my pal to listen to their video on my facebook, and received a review from my MCR loving brother, 'God, you taste has sunk even lower' - I thought I would show some photos of their fabulous outfits:


Anonymous said...

That's... unusual... Can't think of a better description really xD

That reminds me, I booked a hair appointment for a week Friday, I can't wait!! I think I'm going to dye it black again, too. Not that manky blue-black though, just a natural black :)

Anonymous said...

PS - Tell your brother that MCR are the only band to make 40+ songs using the same four chords and still be famous. ;)