Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The sex has made me stupid

I am listening and half-dancing to Robots in Disguise and trying to will myself into doing another paragraph of essay.

I accidently took this shot, and I bizarrely like it. Its of my arm, my leg and a strand of hair which looks red through the light. My hair is miracously back to its pre-dye state at the moment but i'm toying with dying it black. I did once before, in my Ashlee Simpson phase.

I like how this shows how bad my camera is, the light is off, but I think it looks beautiful.

I am trying to sort out my purses for good, thats why two are there, with my love hearts - surely my sweet 'teeth' are evident throughout my photos. The male cheerleader is a guy from Sabrina, I am watching re-runs.

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BirdNotes said...

Hi! I like the gossip girl book. I'll admit I own it too... I have been trying to sort out my bags too, everytime I switch bags, which usually ends up being every other day, I always lose things, like my chapsticks or library card! uh! happy blogging!