Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I would like to start my post by pointing manically at my newly-added-to Fashion Blog links, its taken me ages to update it. Please check them out, they are all wonderful. Also, if anyone would like to add me as a link on their site - i will be their best pal. I don't think i'm on many lists.

Anyway, i just saw an advert on tv for a BBC2 show called 'Wonderland: The man who eats badgers and the other people on Bodmin Moor'. In the advert the man was eating badger. Yes. Badger. This man finds roadkill and freezes, and then eats it. Lord. Its on at around 10pm so i am not sure if i want to watch it, i know i will get nightmares.

The show reminded me of a couple of years ago, when i dressed up, not as Roadkill but as my childhood favourite, Alice in Wonderland. I used to watch the movie about 3 times a day according to my Mum and a couple of years ago my friends got me the cuddly Disney doll version which is lovely. I am not posting the photo of me in the costume, because i look awful but i loved my look at the time. has some cute costumes, but its a matter of sorting through the hoe-ish to the cute ideas: Links in the name:


Flapper Girl:

But after looking on some others sites i fell in love with these, from here

Highchair baby! Crazy Cat Lady! and Ice Cream Cone!


lily said...

great costumes, yh comment me back if you want to link up

Scholiast said...

.. and perhaps you'd like bryanboy for fashion reviews...? :)