Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Enchanted and Cassie

Last night my sappy little heart was happy - i finally got to see Enchanted. I am currently listening to the soundtrack. I'm sure most of you have seen it by now, it was so beautiful. Amy Adams was perfectly cast. As part of today's post i am going to show some of her gorgeous costumes and because today i finally remembered to watch Skins on 4OD i am going to post some photos of my new favourite character - Cassie! I have had a really indulgent day, i have done absolutely no work at all today. I am going to suffer tomorrow but today i don't really care. I would post a photo of my outfit but its dreadful - sweatpants and a flannel shirt. Ooh, and James Marsden's photo is there at the end for obvious reasons.

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The Clothes Horse said...

That was a sweet movie and her costumes were so whimsical and fun.