Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Ones who Love us Never Leave us

Just watching the end of Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban. I am being a big-brave girl and not crying, I usually start when Sirius asks Harry to live with him, then I feel sad when Lupin goes because I absolutely adore him. I am a manic fan of the books, I love fanfiction and I like the films very much even though i moan all the way through - about casting usually.

Anyway. I had a good day today, doing Eliot's The Waste Land in my Modernism class and I even liked my outfit. I realised, looking around my lecture theatre that I was pretty much the only person in colour. I was an Emerald Green wave amongst a sea of Navy and Black. Poetic huh? However this is navy and yet very cute:

Isn't this dress pretty?
Its from www.asos.com, a in-house designer dress. £60 though. Bloody Hell!

Also, thank-you so much to those who comment. It absolutely makes my day!

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