Thursday, January 31, 2008

Call Girls, SATC Feminism and Me

I've had a weird day today. This morning i was exhausted, i didn't go to bed at a decent time even though i knew i had a 9am class. I just sat up thinking 'one more fanfiction, one more screen refresh, one more song' until it was 12:30pm and then i sat up longer reading my new book. I am living vicariously through 'the married life of a call girl'. Its certainly opening my eyes.

Anyway. I skipped my feminism seminar (don't tell anyone) and i walked in the rain to the bus station listening to my beloved Rufus, feeling all happy. It felt like everyone around me was all unhappy, sulking in black coats and i was happily lip-syncing with my jade coat and pink gloves. For once, i felt relatively confident instead of crippling self-conscious. This afternoon, i meant to do my women's studies coursework but i ended up watching Sex and the City for hours on youtube. Its kinda related....ish.

How cute are these items, from Topshop

Cute huh?

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Soul Tanggg said...

that cardigan is precious! i wish there were Topshops in my country.