Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ladette or Lady?

My Modernism class was cancelled today! Yay! This meant i got to sleep in a little, until my Mum yanked me out of bed to go to Tesco. After having to return home to collect her credit card, and go back to the store i finally got to finish my gossip girl book, watch come dine with me and read my magazine. I should be reading James Joyce, but i don't want to.

Anyway, This Morning was on and they were showcasing ladylike fashion, the girl had on a pretty laura ashley dress so i sat down to listen. The girl was from the ITV show 'Ladette to Lady', a show that i have never watched but have heard of. The girl was saying how because of the show she quit her job as a Mechanic and is now working with hair extentsions and a promotions girl - she was applauded for this. This may be an unpopular view, but i was shocked by this, why should she be praised for being more 'ladylike' by turning to a job that i deem inconsequential, although i understand it has value. Anyway, i just felt that this girl was being swayed by 'experts' into a model of what a women should be, and was now being told she was 'right' and a good person. I may have little time for ladettes, but surely women have the choice to do whatever they want, without being told what to do - in their careers or their clothes.

What do you think?

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Caroline said...


Just found your blog - liking your writing style!

I'm a bit shocked by this. I understand the benefits of turning ladettes into more ladylike beings - from what I've seen of the programme (admittedly very little) these girls used to like downing pints and flashing their various "lady lumps" regularly down the local. Which I have no time for at all. But to persuade them to give up a skilled trade like mechanics - seems mad! What they should be doing is providing shining examples of the ways in which modern women can shine in all trades and walks of life - without flashing their tits to do so!

Doncha think?