Sunday, January 6, 2008


Although i love writing this blog, and i read about 20 other fashion blogs a day i don't think i would ever tell people i know 'in real life' about this. This is because i know what they would think. I don't look like a fashion blogger, i don't have the effortless creativity like Art Geek, Fashion Freak, the eco-coolness of Hipster Musings or the goddess-like style of Susie Bubble.

If only you could see me, this is how i often am to be found: I am wearing lilac sweatpants, a beigey cotton shirt and odd socks, my feet are resting on my Norton Anthology of Literature, i am listening to the Nutcracker and my hair is all clipped back. This isn't the image of a fashion blogger is it? I am, and always will be a Geeky McLibrary. Not like other bloggers with their gorgeous photos of their photogenic selves. I was last photogenic in 1995. That was the last good year, and probably when the last good photo of me was taken.

I am not going to prattle on about my low self-esteem because its dull even to me but clothes have always fascinated me, and i do think a lot about what i am going to wear, would wear and could wear. I always notice what other people are wearing and i love to talk about style. Maybe it doesn't even matter what anyone else thinks, i like doing this. So, maybe i am a fashion fraud, but a happy fraud with her feet planted firmly on the book.

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