Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Gorgeous Hair

I have always had shortish hair, usually shoulder length. When i was little i had a gorgeous little bob which i like to think was Suri Cruise for the 1990's. Although i quite like my hair at the moment, its past my shoulders and the longest its even been i am always on the look out for cute new styles - and NOT the silly layered bob thing EVERYONE has. Which girl do you like?

Rachel Bilson has gorgeous hair:

The ethereal, off-beat beauty that is Agyness Deyn and her cute crop:

And my personal favourite, Natalie Portman. What doesn't suit her?:


coco said...

Rachel Bilson has the most amazing hair
extension free and so healthy looking!

Heather said...

I love dark glossy long hair, though when mine was long I went for American Apparel model bedhead... a bad choice. The photos of the era in which I eschewed brushing my hair should be destroyed.