Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Everlasting Love for Rufus Wainwright

This is a post i have been thinking of doing for a long time, and i was trying to think of a fashion angle on it. But - i'm just going to come clean. I am completely in love with Rufus Wainwright's music - and i will take any opportunity to talk about it!

Hopefully some of my fellow addicts are smiling at this, and understanding it. I'm a member of his forum, and i adore talking about the meanings of the songs and talking to people who love it too. Last November i stumbled across 'Leaving for Paris' and i quietly sat, listened to it, repeated it and realised i was in love. I downloaded a huge amount of back material, played it all, fell in love some more and ordered Release the Stars. I sat down, with a snack, got the lyrics up and read along with the song. I have never done this before, i've always loved music but not in the same way as with Rufus. The only other album i have felt about in this way was Amy Winehouse. The songs are so immensely beautiful, in melody, tone, feeling - everything. Finding out more about him, his interesting family, thoughts and opinions has been fascinating and i cannot wait to see him live. I cannot recommend him highly enough; and with his current Brit nomination and album being pretty cheap on most sites do yourself a favour - and fall in love too!

So, if my ramblings wasn't enough to convince you. Guess what? He's pretty too:


Anonymous said...

yes, yes, yes -- totally agree! i adore rufus.

Scholiast said...

Rufus is ... there's just no words! I love him like you do :) (And I found your blog on the board..)

I first heard The Art Teacher and fell completely in love with it. Then listened to some more songs before finally looking him up on the net. Finding out he is drop dead gorgeous didn't make me like him any less ;-)

Can't wait to see him again in April!