Friday, January 4, 2008

Dear Mr/Ms Marking my Coursework

AKA: Reasons why i didn't do my coursework this week. Thus, making this weekend hell. This morning my Mum had a hospital appointment so i went with her and took Lolita instead of a textbook. Later, I brought three new nail colours, blue, hotpink and orange. I then spent 20 mins choosing a shade. Then i decided to 'take a break' and watch my beloved Mighty Boosh. After watching most of series 2 i then decided to get down to work properly. This led to 'just checking my email' and after 2 hours of youtubing Room 101 episodes i finally got out my book, started then noticed the time and went to watch Come Dine With Me.

Do you think i made the right choice? Eek.

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